The Hawaii Statewide Assessment of Forest Conditions and Resource Strategy 2010  (SWARS) consists of two main documents, the Assessment & Strategy, and the Appendices. You may download the two documents, or individual sections. The Strategy matrices for each of Hawaii’s 9 Issues are at the end of each Issue Section. If you are unfamiliar with SWARS, we recommend that you look at the Executive Summary, Background and Historical Context sections. These documents are in Adobe PDF format. The largest document is the Entire Document (86 MB), so we recommend that you “right-click” on the link below and “save as” to your local computer.We are pleased to announce that Hawaii’s Statewide Assessment of Forest Conditions (2010) and Resource Strategy is available.

Please visit to download the entire document or individual chapters.

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The National Association of State Foresters has done a great job consolidating all of the Forest Action Plans at

The old acronym SWARS is officially decommissioned and replaced with the newer, FAP.

Very interesting to see the diversity of approaches in each plan.


LANDFIRE-Hawaii data now available for download

July 10, 2010

The new LANDFIRE dataset is now available for download. Please “right-click” and “save-as” The file is an ESRI file geodatabase which includes all landfire rasters for Hawaii, reprojected to NAD83, UTM Zone 4, and resampled to snap to Hawaii GAP. The LANDFIRE Hawaii data were derived from the same Landsat scenes that were used [...]

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Hawaii Assessment Document Outline and Issues

January 27, 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted. Been devoting pretty much all of my time to this project, but now that we are entering the review phase of producing our SWARS, looks like I’ll be posting more often. Today we have a Technical Advisory Committee (a committee of the Natural Resources Conservation Service) via [...]

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One-Stop-Shop for Related Plans

September 18, 2009

Thanks to Molly Schmidt who works for the Hawaii Legacy Lands Conservation Commission for compiling this excellent list of Resource land acquisition plans and priorites in the of State plans, county plans, and other projects that indicate priorities or policies for the acquisition of lands for the purpose of resource protection. County Plans & Priorities [...]

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Discovering the Roots of Forestry in Hawaii

September 1, 2009

What an interesting month this has been. Only four weeks ago we were wrapping up the Hawaii Conservation Conference (86 presentations now available for free from the iTunes Store, or on line at At that conference, retired forester Bob Merriam was presented with an award from the Society of American Foresters for being a [...]

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Finally, A Clear Roadmap to Producing SWARS

August 22, 2009

OK, so this is the Northeastern States’ Guide for Statewide Forest Resource Strategies It is understandable, clear, well thought out, elegant, and thorough. And I am going to officially adopt these guidelines. So to the Hawaii team, perhaps you might want to print this and pin it to the wall next to your computer. [...]

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A Treasure Trove of Information for SWARS

August 22, 2009

Way to go, Northeastern Area Association State Foresters (NAASF)! (Oddly enough, the NAASF doesn’t really seem to have a home page, or I would have included the link here.) But wow, what a team you have in your NAASF Forest Resource Planning Committee (FRPC). The mission statement of that committee is “to encourage and support [...]

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Hawaii SWARS Progress to Date

August 18, 2009

Playing catch-up here. The flu knocked me back pretty hard in the middle of last week’s SWARS GIS-a-thon. I did want to post these links to Hawaii SWARS session presentations at this year’s Hawaii Conservation Conference. Bear in mind that this session was moved to “Open House Day” and as such, the presentations were geared [...]

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Cool New Map, Urban Expansion on Oahu from 1992 – 2005

August 12, 2009

Just when you think you know all of the cool GIS data sets out there, something like this pops into your in box. Way to go Urban & Community Forestry Committee for finding this resource. Image produced by Kenneth Kay, GIS & Remote Snsing Analyst with American Forests, Washington, DC. Thanks Kenneth! Beautiful image and [...]

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